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MERMAID - Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

Foil is placed on the paper and stamped with a heated die, pressing the foil onto the paper.
Both metal and pigment foils give excellent coverage, imparting a sense of luxury.

CASE 01: MERMAID - Flower shop gift package 2009


Gift package of preserved flowers and CD is produced in the form of a book.
Seeming to melt into a single block with the color of the flowers, the cover of the package uses MERMAID for its ability to produce pure, matt colors.Foil stamped lettering gives a rhythmical sheen to the cover.
Paper:  MERMAID natural, red 1091 x 788 mm S/G 407gsm, red plum 1091 x 788 mm S/G 178gsm (cover)
  MERMAID natural 1091 x 788 mm S/G 186gsm, red, red plum 1091 x 788 mm S/G 178gsm (inside cover)
  NT RASHA white, oriental red, red plum 1091 x 788 mm S/G 151gsm (interior)
Process: foil stamping + diecut + lamination + V-cutting
Design: Yoshiaki Irobe
Client: Signature Flower
1. Place foil film on
the stock, and stamp
with a heated die.
2. Foil is transferred to the
paper. Remove the film.

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