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  • Shigeru Takeo
  • President, TAKEO Co., Ltd.

Understanding manufacturing, appreciating customers' needs

TAKEO Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in paper. Through research, development, and sales of fine papers, TAKEO has been contributing to society since its foundation in 1899 at the end of the 19th century.
The 20th century became a time of rapid technological innovation, during which demand for paper dramatically increased. Cultural changes and developments were associated with growth in the market for paper over this period.
Entering the 21st century, paradigm shifts affecting this market have substantially changed paper and the paper industry again. In a digital world, paper still communicates information, but it is increasingly valued for its potential as a medium for conveying feelings and senses.
In this period of change, TAKEO is employing its keen sensitivity towards paper to create wonderful products through the application of design and technology.
The quality fine papers that are TAKEO’s pride are the result of the company’s commitment and consistent attitude, incorporating a specialist trader’s meticulous grasp of society’s and customers’ needs, together with product development through close links with specialist manufacturers around the world who share our philosophy of skilled manufacturing-monozukuri.

Unparalleled knowledge of a trading company specializing in paper

The main reason that TAKEO’s paper is so highly regarded is that we have an accurate grasp of what is needed at any particular time, and reflect that understanding in our products.
Initiatives at the MIHONCHO HONTEN and Aoyama MIHONCHO, together with the TAKEO PAPER SHOW and other events, use TAKEO products to convey what is important now, and what is going to be important in the future. They are indispensable opportunities for communication where TAKEO can listen and learn about customers’ and potential customers’ needs.
TAKEO’s logistics and distribution systems are the product of long experience, and consistently provide high quality and service. The TAKEO Tokyo Bay Distribution Center, which came on line in 2006, uses state of the art technology such as automated high-rise storage rack systems to cut costs by raising efficiency; at the same time enabling products to be delivered faster and with greater reliability.
Using the knowledge and technology cultivated in over a century as a trading company specializing in paper, TAKEO intends to continue providing high quality service.

TAKEO's mission for paper

Paper has long played an important role in our society and economy, always present in our surroundings like air or water.
As well as its function as a recording medium, paper is appreciated as a beautiful material that adorns and enriches our daily lives with its presence.
TAKEO’s fine papers combine this functionality and beauty.
Reflecting delicate colors and sensations that have been nurtured by Japan’s climate and aesthetics, our fine papers are already highly rated in Asia and Europe, and we are now rolling them out globally.

Technology is still evolving, but global warming and other environmental issues have now been recognized as global challenges that concern all humans.
In addition to initiatives that actively reduce environmental impact, TAKEO is defending the role of paper as an aspect of culture, nurturing it and helping it to grow and develop into a form appropriate for the future.
We consider that to be TAKEO’s mission, contributing to the future of society through the medium of paper.

Shigeru Takeo
President, TAKEO Co., Ltd.

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